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02.05.14 | Achtung 7 - order now

Now in our Onlineshop: Achtung 7!

Farbsucht Shop

25.04.14 | Achtung 7 Magazine Preview

Achtung 7 Magazine is coming soon!

28.02.14 | update: berlin

back to berlin! further uploads are welcome!


23.02.14 | update: south east asia

... with pictures from thailand, malaysia, cambodia and indonesia.


18.02.14 | update: leipzig - murq - part 1

as part of our tuesdays series we today present: murq, murck and murc - solo and with partners in crime. enjoy.


15.02.14 | update: leipzig - snow 21 - part 3

snow21 for this saturdays weekend bash. cheers!
p.s.: part 1 and part 2.


11.02.14 | update: leipzig - hayf - part 1

high five: todays special edition about the topic HAYF. thanks for the flix, guys!


09.02.14 | update: international - misc categories

... with pictures from france, italy, austria, poland, switzerland and canada.


15.01.14 | update: leipzig - trains

yes, we keep our good resolutions for the new year. a trains-only special with current and historic stuff completing our archives. have fun!


31.12.13 | update: germany - misc categories

aaand... our last update for the old year. thanks for your support, the many uploads, and everything else. have a save turn of the year and lots of colourful fun in 2014.

yours, farbsucht-crew


24.12.13 | update: amos + interview

as a little christmas present AMOS let us catch a glimpse into his view on things as part of a little q&a session... in addition we are happy to present some new flix of his work added to our ever-growing archives. merry christmas and enjoy the special. p.s. turning the screen wont help!

To the interview


01.12.13 | update: switzerland

on this occasion a big thank you to the submitter(s) of these pictures from switzerland - and of course to everybody else supporting us with flix. big up!


26.11.13 | update: leipzig - pegang

today with a special edition on leipzigs peg crew. also from our side congratulations to the 10 year crewbilee. cheers.


05.11.13 | update: leipzig - hesky

mr busy hesky provides a kind insight into his work. corners and edges, gents!


25.10.13 | New Feature: Similar Pictures

To reduce waiting time for the new Achtung Magazin #7, we would like to introduce our newest function "Similar Pictures". Just try it out: open a picture and click on the new link in the sub-title.

It is not yet working perfectly, if you find this can be improved for one picture or the other, you may send us some hints using the small form behind the question mark.

Apart from that: have fun browsing! We find it is a fine way to rediscover some pearls in the vast archive of ours. Cheers!

18.10.13 | Help us

From today you can find a small question mark icon on each page showing a single picture. Please use it if you can provide us with any hints on the picture shown:
- if the picture is incorrectly categorized
- if the picture is not categorized at all ("unknown")
- if you can read any cryptic Wild Stlyes
- and much more...

If you wish to receive a reply, please leave your e-mail address within the text. Otherwise this function is anonymous, of course. We appreciate your help and any hint you can provide. Greets, The Farbsucht-Team

18.10.13 | update: halle

it really has been a while... but we are happy to show flix from neighboring halle over the next weeks. thanks for all contributions!


15.10.13 | slightly delayed updated from june 2010

we just noticed that we missed to activate an update back in 2010. sorry about that. here are the pictures if you dont mind the little trip back in time:

To the update of 29/06/2010: germany - misc categories

p.s. happy birthday - 12 years!

09.10.13 | update: leipzig - nexoe

today a small compilation on the topic "nexo".


13.09.13 | update: leipzig - rewe (r.i.p.)

friday, 13th and we have to say goodbye to another buddy and partner in crime... R.I.P. rewe-hall, leipzig-city!


02.09.13 | Achtung 7 Magazine - Send Flicks

It's time for some action again! Send your best Photos via E-Mail at or use our Upload (Please select "Achtung 7 Magazine" while uploading).

11.08.13 | update: istanbul

today and the next two sundays: bosporus-flavour.


07.08.13 | update: freights



23.07.13 | update: rhine-ruhr - jpeg crew

today a small - but cool - collection of rhine-ruhr fellows JPEG CREW. thanks for the contribution, guys!


02.07.13 | update: munich

for today and next tuesday we organized some older flix supplementing the our munich archives. any new stuff can of course be sent over our uploader. cheers!


12.06.13 | update: leipzig - throw-ups

today the leipzig masters of the quick lines. fresh.


08.05.13 | update: leipzig - spar - part 1

gießerking spar! cheers.


24.04.13 | update: leipzig - waterways

part two. aye aye captn!


17.04.13 | update: leipzig - waterways (part 1)

not only upon the streets of leipzig, the hard last winters left their marks. a little excoursion along the many waterways within the city is highly recommended. part 2 next week!


10.04.13 | update: leipzig - lacr

many thanks to mr. lacr for the little collection.


23.03.13 | Shop

New articles in our shop: NEONGRAU Issue 1

Available again: RADICALS DVD and UNLIKE U DVD

Great stuff.

14.11.12 | Achtung 6 Magazine Preview

Long time no see. here it is: the preview of our upcoming 6th issue of achtung magazine! printers are working hard to get things done till december. Just take a look!

26.10.12 | update: rhine-ruhr - dhs crew

today an extensive collection from rhine-ruhr fellows dhs crew - thanks for the submissions and much fun with the pictures.


13.08.12 | update: leipzig - card

a small sample of mr. card's personal collection. thanks very much!


09.07.12 | update: leipzig - rooftops

for this weeks monday something special: rooftops only from leipzig city.


18.06.12 | update: leipzig - bario

bario and gang. cheers.


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